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Forward: A 10 Day Devotional

You may be in that peculiar place of transition: the space between where you no longer desire to remain and where you want to be spiritually.

Nurture the most important LOVE relationship you could ever have - a relationship with God. Navigate a path of Godly contentment, wise decision making, and a renewed passion for life. Approach your transition with the wonderful hope that God will be your greatest source of direction every step of the way as you move forward.

As a woman who is looking to get on track spiritually, you can expect as a dedicated reader to be challenged at pursuing courageous action and greater intimacy with God.

Published: April 1, 2016

Number of Pages in PDF: 15

About the Author

Keturah Ford, M.S. Ed. - is a lover of Jesus Christ, wife of ten years, a mom of a "spunky" preschooler, passionate home cook, regular beach-goer, math teacher, minister, bible teacher, leader, mentor, speaker, writer, healthy relationship enthusiast, and woman on a MISSION to empower others to embrace their faith and never let it go...

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